Paramedic Division

New Windsor Ambulance now staffs five full-time paramedics and ten part-time paramedics. This ensures the residents of New Windsor the professional level of care they deserve. The New Windsor Town Board was very supportive during the upgrade period; it could not have been accomplished without their encouragement.

Paramedics have two years of college-level education in pre-hospital care. They perform all the skills performed by an EMT-basic. In addition, they perform advanced airway management, obtain electrocardiographs (ECGs), introduce intravenous lines and administer numerous emergency medications. A paramedic assesses ECG tracings and defibrillates. They have extensive training in patient assessment and are exposed to a variety of clinical experiences during training.

A special thanks to Senator William Larkin for the grant awarded to our agency in the amount of $75,000, that was used to purchase heart monitors. These units cost upwards of $25,000 each.

We have assembled a wonderful and highly trained team of volunteers, EMTs and paramedics. We strive to be the best at what we do, and we know we can accomplish anything with the continued support of the residence of New Windsor and the Town Board.paramedicvehicles



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