NWVAC Special Operations Team

New Windsor Ambulance is typically the first emergency team to arrive at the scene of medical and rescue situations in the community. EMS personnel must be properly trained and equipped to access, assess, treat, prepare and evacuate patients, even in hazardous environments. With these requirements in mind, the New Windsor Ambulance Special Operations Team was born.

The Special Operations Team is made up of specially trained EMS personnel who operate out of a mobile incident command trailer. In addition to housing equipment, the trailer acts as a mass casualty incident response center and a “medical rehab” center for extended duration incidents.

The mission of the Special Operations Team is to provide advanced mass casualty incident management and medical care to victims of natural or man-made disasters. The Team also provides medical coverage at large-scale community events, such as parades and any situation where a large number of people have gathered.

The Special Operations Team pledges the following to the citizens of New Windsor and surrounding areas:

  • To provide efficient and effective medical care and emergency management skill and technologies in a planned and measured response.
  • To conduct all EMS management and medical care operations in a professional, ethical and understanding manner to protect the dignity of any victims and the local response communities they may serve during such missions.
  • To maintain their skills and abilities in providing medical care, multi-casualty incident management and training commensurate to any mission that may be established now or in the future requiring deployments to natural or man-made disasters with displaced or injured victims, hazardous materials incidents with injured victims of weapons of mass destruction, or such other incidents that are beyond the capabilities of local emergency services.
NWVAC Special Operations

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